Budgeting your Move

5% Off Your Move For Early Bookings

Items that you do not use or will not need anymore should be put aside. Have a garage sale prior to your moving date or donate items to charity. By reducing the amount of items you do not need, you will lower your moving costs and have less stress on your moving day.

It is a good idea to get an approximate cost for your move ahead of time and get some advice from your local moving company.

Book your move 30 days prior to your moving date and get a 5% discount on your moving cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you decide on a moving date.

It is good to get an estimate to have an idea of your moving cost.
Yes visual estimate is free for Local Moves.
You can prepare by having all items label and have it organized.
You can pay by E-transfer or Credit card.
Yes, Insurance Coverage is $4 per kg. per item and this will be indicated in the Moving Contract.
Yes, most client pack their items into boxes and ready for the Movers.
Yes, Movers disassemble and re-assemble furniture as require and needed.
We recommend all drawers to be emptied for the movers to handle the item safely.