We suggest you book your move at least 30 to 60 days prior to your moving date. Some people book their move 2 to 3 months ahead.

For a small local move, we can give you an approximate cost on the phone, but we recommend a visual estimate for long distance moves.

No, a visual estimate is $60. A visual estimate will take 1/2-hr to an hour at the location. When the move is booked with us, the $60 will be credited towards your moving cost.
A local move can take several hours from start to finish depending on the amount of contents to be moved, the access to loading and unloading as well as the distance to the offload. A long distance move can take a day or more. There are many factors required to get an accurate time or hours.
You may disassemble any furniture as needed and pack all small items in labelled boxes. Fragile items are to be marked “Fragile” (in red marker) and be prepared for the movers. All boxes should be clearly marked on the top as to where they should be placed at the new location.
Business practice requires that all charges for local moves be paid at the point offload. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, certified check, or credit card. For long distance moves, we require 20% deposit of the charges upon signing the moving agreement and the rest of the balance at the offloading point. Please contact us for any questions regarding payments.
Basic liability handling and transporting for household items and office contents has a release value $2.00 per pound per item. Insurance does not cover chips on press board, particleboard items, glass, mirror items, or scratches on walls or hallways. Clients are advised to have an additional liability/insurance coverage for their move. If you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact us.
Yes, but be aware of the potential problems. For instance, homeowners’ insurance or other insurance policies provided by Airdrie Moving may not pay out on goods packed by their owner. Please call us so we can provide more accurate information.
Standard household beds with a footboard, headboard and frame are disassembled by the movers and are included in your price. However, items such as bunk beds with multiple parts must be disassembled by you, or we can provide this service for a fee. We are not permitted to disassemble and reassemble cribs.
Yes, you can leave the clothes in the drawers. However, if the movers find the drawer too heavy to carry, they will be removed. Do not leave any breakable or personal items in the drawers.