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Residential moves involve moving household furniture, packing miscellaneous items into boxes, and moving garage and outdoor items, or your home office.

A local move can involve just moving a few items within the same building or an entire apartment or house across the town of Airdrie and the surrounding area including Calgary.

Airdrie Moving crew is experienced in loading and packing your contents safely into the moving truck to prevent any damage to the contents. We are equipped with the proper equipment and moving crew to provide the moving service you require.

​The charge is normally based on an hourly rate from start to finish plus travel time FSC (Freight Service Charge). An approximate cost or a fixed price can be provided in advance on request.

Partial Service Move

Partial residential moves consist of the client providing all their wrapping and packing material for the move, packing all the small and miscellaneous items into boxes and have disassembled any item and furniture, ready for the movers.

  • The movers may shrink wrap furniture and any items as needed (at additional cost to the client), load all household items and furniture into the moving truck and deliver their items to their new place.
  • Unwrapping and reassembly of the furniture and placing them in their location as requested by the client.
  • Remove all waste for disposal (at additional cost to the client) if required by the client.

This is the most common type of move. Most of the time, it can be done in a few hours or within a day, depending on the amount of content.

Full Service Move

A full service move includes all the wrapping and packing material for your move. We will pack all small and miscellaneous items into carton boxes, disassemble any items and furniture, shrink-wrap any furniture as needed, cover the mattress & box spring safely, and place all dress clothes into wardrobe boxes.

​This type of move may be divided into two stages depending on the amount of household content to be moved.

The first stage is the packing and wrapping of all items and furniture. The second stage involves loading all the items and furniture into the moving truck and taking the items to the new location. Most of the time, the full service moves can take one or two days, depending on the amount of content.

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