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Our fully trained and experienced moving crew are here to minimize your stress and make your move easy and swift. At Airdrie Moving Inc., we understand that businesses have different relocation needs and we will customize our service to your requirements.

The charges are normally based on an hourly rate from start to finish plus travel time and FSC (Freight Service Charge). An approximate cost or fixed price can be provided prior to the move.

Most office moves are scheduled and set up to be completed in a short period of time, often done after business hours or on the weekend. Some office moves have to be done in two separate moves at different times, depending on the type of business and the amount of office content to be moved and set up.

Partial Office Move

Partial office moves consist of the client providing all their wrapping and packing material for their office move and packing all their small and miscellaneous items into boxes and disassembling any items as required.

The movers may shrink-wrap any office furniture and items as needed (at additional cost to the client), load all office furniture and items into the moving truck and deliver the items to their new office location.

We will unwrap the office furniture and items, reassemble and set up the office furniture and items as directed by the client.

Finally, we can remove all waste for disposal if required by the client (at additional cost).

This is the most common type of office move and can usually be done in a few hours or within a day, depending on the amount of office contents to be moved.

Full Office Move

We provide all the wrapping and packing material for a full office move. We pack all of your small and miscellaneous items into boxes, as well as disassemble any workstation and office desks as needed.

We load all the office items into the moving truck, cover them with moving pads, and transport the items to the new office location. We will reassemble and set up the office furniture, place them in their location as directed by the client, and finally remove all waste for disposal.

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